Teen Driving Safety With GPS

One of the most important moments in a young adult’s life is when they turn that golden age of 16 and can finally obtain the freedom that is associated with receiving a driver’s license. After a teen completes driver’s education course work, behind the wheel training both professionally and with parents and a state DMV driver’s test, they have completed the prerequisites required to obtain freedom through an automobile. As exciting of a moment this may be for the teenager, the moment is bittersweet for the parent(s) because they are well aware of the responsibilities that come with a driver’s license. Parents are also aware that drivers under the age of 25 are one of the groups of drivers most ticketed on the road, and that the main cause of premature death among teenagers is automobile accidents. With proactive parents understanding the impact that inexperienced and distracted driving can have on a teenage driver, many are investing in GPS teen tracking devices to help alleviate the anxiety and increase personal safety.

Track & Trace provides real-time feedback on:

  • Speed
  • Current Vehicle Location
  • Unapproved Locations
  • Movement or Theft

Four ways to monitor TEEN drivers :

  • SMS Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Computer
  • Smartphone

Why Teen Driving Can Be Dangerous

Unlike most other drivers on the roadways, teens have three particular hurdles that can have a negative impact on their behind the wheel performance. These negative influences on driving include cellular phone usage, speeding and peer pressure.

Teenage Cellular Phone Use & Driving Safety:

In a recent survey conducted on teen driving safety, 100% of teens surveyed admitted to sending a SMS text message while operating a motor vehicle.

  • A combination of inexperienced driving and texting while driving greatly increases the probability of teenager becoming involved in an accident.
  • Over 50% of teens surveyed admitted to frequently talking on the phone while driving.
  • A teenage driver speaking on the phone while operating a vehicle is two times more likely to be involved in a traffic collision.

Teenage Speeding/Aggressive Driving:

  • Over half of all teen drivers have stated they had exceeded the posted speed limit by 10 mph more than once.
  • Approximately 25% of teen drivers considered themselves aggressive drivers, and stated that they had exceeded the posted speed limit by more than 20mph more than once.
  • Over 20% of teen drivers in the survey stated that they believe driving fast is fun and exciting.

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